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Every budding tennis player harbours one dream – to win Wimbledon! Popularly known as The Championships, Wimbledon is the most prestigious tournament of all! It spells beauty, grace, elegance and everything British. Wimbledon, unlike the other Grand Slams is deeply-rooted in history and tradition, making it even more special. There is this aura surrounding Wimbledon, which unfailingly comes around every time The Championships roll.  It is perhaps this very British air that separates Wimbledon from the rest!
Despite being the oldest tournament in the history of the sport (played since 1877), Wimbledon has managed to retain it’s supremacy and legacy as the most prestigious tournament. It is amazing to see how this great tournament has evolved over the years and continues to entertain us with the best champions. Held at the iconic All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, there is more to Wimbledon than just tennis. It is a major event in the calendars of the rich and famous. Everyone wants a piece of Wimbledon at least once in their lives, and why not?
The best things in life are often the most beautiful and most memorable and Wimbledon has a reputation of being that and much more!
At Wimbledon, you are bound to find Royalty, Hollywood celebrities, cricketers, footballers and distinguished businessmen seated in the Royal Box cheering for their favourite stars… and this is just one of the many fun things you’ll observe during the course of this great tournament. Sachin Tendulkar, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch and David Beckham are regulars at Wimbledon, to name a few. The Afternoon Tea (a must amongst celebrities), strawberry and cream, scones and of course, the English weather make up some of the other things.
Wimbledon is a favourite among the players. Not just for it being the most prestigious and cherished tournament, but also for the entire experience. The British crowd makes it a point to come out in large numbers to cheer for their favourite stars (apart from Murray, of course, who is the country’s favourite!). It’s always fun to watch the lawns outside Centre Court filled with people watching matches on the big screen and celebrating. The Aorangi Terrace, better known as Henman Hill or currently Murray Mound (the name changes as per the top British player competing at Wimbledon) is one such venue beside Court No 1.
But nothing beats the legendary rivalries that peak during Wimbledon. Whether it’s a Federer vs Nadal or a Murray vs Djokovic, or even a Williams vs Muguruza, everyone makes sure they are at their prime, both physically and mentally, for this fortnight.
Wimbledon awaits you (from 27 June)…. and as Rudyard Kipling says, ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat the two imposters just the same’, you are bound to enjoy this tournament!



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