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The Championships - Wimbledon 2013: Middle Sunday WTA

Let’s not forget that men aren’t the only ones fighting for supremacy on the court, the women are too! Women’s tennis is as great as the men’s game and if you have Novak Djokovic to represent you, we have Serena Williams, both great champions in their own right.
The Women’s Tennis Association (also called WTA), a counterpart to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), is an all-important body for women’s tennis. Founded by Billie Jean King, it manages and organises everything about the women’s game. At a time when men would receive $1 million as prize money, women would receive a measly $15,000. The WTA worked its way to fighting for equal prize money for both genders and succeeded.

Let’s now look at some of the mistresses of this great game-

Billie Jean King
King was not only a champion on-court, but off court too, having founded the WTA and fighting for equal rights for men and women. A former World No.1 and winner of 39 Grand Slams, King was a force to reckon with on court, having played singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Her career may have long been over, but King’s association with tennis continues, as she is often spotted cheering on the sidelines of matches.

Martina Navratilova
If tennis is the sky, Navratilova is one of it’s brightest stars. Known for revolutionizing the game with her speed and athleticism, Martina was the undisputed Queen. Winning 97% of matches she played, Navratilova set a record that a select few can boast of.
The Evert-Navratilova rivalry in the 1980s is what great rivalries are made of- hard fought, tense and aggressive.

Steffi Graf
Another shining star of the women’s game, Steffi was a true champion in her own right. 22 Grand Slams, an Olympic Gold and a Career Slam, Steffi has done it all! Her powerful serve, quick footwork and forehand were lethal, making it tough to win. No less a brighter star than Navratilova, Steffi set her own records during the course of her stellar career.

Venus and Serena Williams
The Williams sisters are perhaps the most famous and successful siblings ever. A dramatic dressing sense, powerful persona and an impressive repertoire of shots are just some of the words to describe them. If you talk about tennis, you have to talk about the Williams sisters!
At present, both the sisters are in the Top 10, and Wimbledon, which is the next Grand Slam, has been a very successful tournament for both the sisters. Venus has rejuvenated her career and Serena has been ruling the game for quite some time now. They have shown no signs of slowing down, fighting harder than ever to win and break records.




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