Mount Djokovic

The three most difficult mountains to climb in the world:

  1. Mount Everest (Himalayas)
  2. Mount K2 (Karakoram)
  3. Mount Djokovic (Serbia)

As of last year, 117 attempts have been made to scale Mount Djokovic and only 7 have been successful. It is further speculated that the conditions of the climb are going to become more difficult in the near future. Legendary mountaineers from Switzerland, Scotland and Spain have not been able to find a significant game plan nor have the young mountaineers from Japan, Canada and Australia. One of them said that he felt unprotected, open to storms and vulnerable and feels that one needs to undergo rigorous training before making another attempt. The world is still looking for an Alpinist who could get the job done, but until then let’s just enjoy the soaring, the towering, the gold-capped natural structure and its splendid grandeur.

Djokovic’s dominance is unparalleled and he just keeps raising the bar for everyone else. He has been posing questions that nobody has answers to. The game has been dominated by various other players in the past but none had done it the way Djokovic has. The sport is going through a transition with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal past their prime and youngsters like Nishikori, Raonic and Thiem yet to establish themselves. This is the best time for Novak and Andy to fill their coffers and trophy cabinets but I guess only Novak has been able to assess the situation as is.

Had Djokovic been from any of the Grand Slam hosting nations, there would have been a stadium or a court named after him, which of course is also true for Federer and Nadal.

Djokovic just won a record 28th Masters trophy, equaling Agassi’s record of 6 Miami Masters. This was his 714th match win and suddenly Nadal’s 779 wins is in the vicinity and would be surpassed. Nishikori had broken Djokovic in the very first game of the match but he was awestruck with what followed. Djokovic’s winners were hit from the most unconventional locations on court and at the right moments in the match, giving Nishikori no chance to ever mount a comeback.

Djokovic is creating more ripples in the real brick-and-mortar world than the aftermath of his wins that all the discussions in the tennis world are focused on. His humility, his ability to connect with young fans and his presence on and off court is something exceptional for the sport and today, he is the best ambassador tennis can have.

There are 14 major tournaments in a year (4 Grand Slams, Year End Championship, 9 ATP Masters). Djokovic won 10 out of the 14 in 2015 and has won all 3 so far this year. Last year people were speculating whether Federer’s 2006 season was better or Djokovic’s 2015. But, as of today my money is on Djokovic’s 2016 being the greatest season of all time, with the Olympics being the cherry on top.

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