The Father of Tennis!

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Wishing Walter Clopton Wingfield, the Father of Tennis a very Happy Father’s Day on behalf of every tennis fan.

Major Wingfield was a British Army officer and one of the pioneers of lawn tennis. He is considered the founder of modern lawn tennis. In 1874, he patented ‘A New and Improved Court for Playing the Ancient Game of Tennis’ and sold tennis apparels. Wimbledon started in 1877 and everything after that is quite as we know it.

Fatherhood has had a great impact on tennis players in the recent past. Talking about just the Top 4,

Novak Djokovic


Dad to Stefan Djokovic (2014)

Matches won Pre-fatherhood: Won 594 Lost 140

Matches won Post-fatherhood: Won 104 Lost 6

Highlight: Has won five of the six Grand Slams played since then

Total of 65 career titles (fifteen in the fifteen months since his son was born)


Roger Federer


Dad to Myla and Charlene (2009), Leo and Lenny (2014)

Matches won Pre-fatherhood Won 657 Lost 155

Matches won Post-fatherhood Won 415 Lost 85

Won two Grand Slams since becoming a father. Had a great 2014 season.

Total titles won: 88

Pre-fatherhood: 60 titles

Post-fatherhood: 28 titles

Stan Wawrinka


Dad to Alexia Wawrinka (2010)

Matches won Pre-fatherhood: Won 147 Lost 118

Matches won Post-fatherhood: Won 253 Lost 116

Both Wawrinka’s Grand Slams (Australian Open 2014, French Open 2015) were won subsequent to him becoming a father

Total titles won: 14

Pre-fatherhood: 1

Post-fatherhood: 13

Andy Murray

Dad to Sophia Olivia (2016)

Reached the finals of the French Open for the first time this year

Post-fatherhood titles: 2

Maybe while Rafa Nadal is taking some time out due to his injury, he might wanna give fatherhood a thought. It has seemed to have worked well for all his rivals.

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