One batch, two batch…F1 time

Daniil Kvyat is a part of Illuminati that is hell-bent on taking down Vettel! At least, that is the only logical explanation I can deduce as to why Kvyat is regularly damaging down Vettel’s vehicle. I mean seriously? The guy was involved in a spat with Vettel during the Chinese Grand Prix where the latter accused him of causing the two Ferraris collide. Now, just one race later the guy smashes twice, I repeat twice! on the rear of Vettel’s car, booking his early return to Ferrari’s paddock. Luckily for Vettel, Kvyat has been replaced by Verstappen for the future races by the Red Bull.

Vettel is angry at Kvyat
Vettel is angry at Kvyat

Meanwhile there is no stopping to Nico Rosberg. With four wins of four, Rosberg currently leads the pack by 43 points. This means in case Nico wants to skip the Spanish Grand Prix to enjoy the night in Ibiza then decides to participate in Monaco GP only to finish sixth; he would still be at the top of driver’s standings. Nice!

Nico Rosberg is raking up points
Nico Rosberg is riding high

On the other hand his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton appears to be in the bad books of lady luck. He has faced the engine problems at the start the start of two consecutive GPs but has still managed to rake up points for Mercedes. Hamilton is second in the Driver’s standings but jointly with Nico has managed to attain 157 points for the Mercedes. This is more than double the points of their closest rivals Ferrari. (I wonder whether Mercedes are using Red Bull as their fuel. It certainly has given them wings!)

Kimi Raikkonen, our favourite Finnish F1 driver is third as per the Standings. Kimi’s season started off horribly when he crashed out in Australia. Since then he got two podium finishes and as of now is 14 points behind Lewis Hamilton.

Since we are talking about crashes, how can we forget Fernando Alonso. The 2005 & 2006 F1 champion suffered a horrific accident during the Australian GP. The spectators were just happy to see him alive when he emerged out of his crumpled McLaren-Honda. He went on to miss the Bahrain GP after that. Unfortunately his return behind the steering wheel hasn’t been successful as he has amassed only 8 points from the last two races to show for.

In the end I would like to focus on Alonso’s teammate Jenson Button. The 2009 F1 Champion sits on 16th and has performed poorly in all the races of the season till date and has just earned 1 point. Seeing two of the great drivers underperform I wonder what could be the reason? (Ahem…McLaren …Ahem).

The season is still ripe so it is difficult to predict the end at this stage. Although we can expect to see podium regularly decorated with white and red of Mercedes and Ferrari respectively.

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Ali Shaan Haider

Sports Enthusiast

Ali Shaan Haider

Sports Enthusiast

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