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In the land of IPL, men and beasts roamed around alike. In the east lived the the knights whereas west was populated by the lions, the giants and the blue men. The North was ruled by the eleven Kings and was also the residence of Daredevils. Far south lived the Challengers while their neighboring land had men who witnessed the first sun of the morning l, thus they were also dubbed as the Sunrisers.

In the year 2016, chaos rained down the IPL. It was not the first time in history that it happened. The ninth time. This time giants were taken down pretty quickly. The eleven kings also didn’t have the time to react as receive else took turns stabbing them in the back. A hard fought battle among the remaining six resulted in the defeat of ex champions of the land (the blue men). The remaining northern kingdom didn’t last long when daredevils had to submit to defeat at the hands of the Challengers.

When the war reached climax, the battle was left on two fronts. In one of these, the Challengers tamed the Lions while the Sunrisers took care of the knights from east.  The defeated lions tried to claw their way back to the final battle, but were ultimately outperformed by the Sunrisers.

Left standing were the Challengers and the Sunrisers ready to fight for their lives to be crowned as the ‘Champion’ of the land for the first time. Both teams led a fierce attack on each other with no end in sight. Despite being the threat himself for most of the war, the Challengers’ leader Virat Kohli relied upon his sleeping WMD in Chris Gayle for the ultimate battle whereas the Sunrisers captain David Warner brought himself to the ground. A brute confrontation later, the Sunrisers emerged victorious while the challengers lay down on the battlefield refereeing the moment of letting go off their fingers from the crown from an attainable distance.

The war for IPL is over for now. But it will return as it does every year. Till then, congratulations ‘Sunrisers’.


sunriser-hydrabad-team-logo             Sunrisers Hyderabad as ‘The Sunrisers’

download             Royal Challengers Bangalore as ‘The Challengers’

GL (1) - Copy          Gujarat Lions as the ‘Lions’

Kolkata_Knight_Riders_Logo.svg              Kolkata Knightriders as ‘Knights in the east’

delhi-daredevils-logo-ddDelhi Daredevils as the ‘Daredevils’

Mumbai-Indians-Logo     Mumbai Indians as the ‘Blue men’

rising-pune-supergiants-team Rising Pune Supergiants as the ‘Giants’

download Kings 11 Punjab as the ‘Eleven Kings’

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