A Song of ‘Will’ and ‘Desire’

Once upon a time, the realm of Premier League was ruled by the Devils, the Eagles and the Lions. Compared to other realms the battle for crown was the most brutal one in the Premier League. At times the Gunners, the Spurs and the Warriors of the Phoenix kept challenging the mighty three.

Apart from these heavyweights the realm was populated by other species too. One of them were the Foxes. The Foxes never dreamt of ruling the realm nor in the history had they ever. Like other minnows, they were just happy to survive the annual end of the season purge. But what happened in the era 15-16 changed the landscape of Premier League.

At the beginning of 15-16, a huge turmoil had begun. Five of the six heavyweights were facing internal struggles. The Spurs along with the Hammers and the Foxes decided to bring in a power shift in the Premier League. The Spurs let loose their canon in Harry Kane to run riot over defenses of everyone. The Hammers relied on tactics and over the course of the season, came very close to the coveted fourth spot. The Foxes paired their weapon in Jamie Vardy with the brain of Claudio Ranieri to have their own WMD.

When the Spurs and the Foxes started to steamroll through the Premier League, carcasses of the heavyweights were left behind. The Gunners and the Eagles tried to give them a fair fight but were left reeling much before the season was over. Together Vardy and Kane fired their respective families to the top and in the end only the Foxes and the Spurs were left fighting for the throne.

In the deciding battle of the season, the Spurs were chasing the Foxes the time they met the Lions. Despite the Lions being defending Champions of the realm, the Spurs toyed with them in the initial stages of the battle. Their lust for crown left them blind. The moment they lost focus on the battle at hand, the moment the Lions delivered them a killing blow. The Spurs with their dying breath lay on the battlefield with other fallen giants watching the Foxes crowned the Champions of the realm.

The 15-16 era witnessed by Premier League is the most shocking and entertaining one till date. The end of it with the underdogs on top is just a cherry on top. There is no doubt that the heavyweights will be back next time to take revenge. It is also not at all surprising that we may not see the Foxes back in this position ever again. Its up to the Foxes as to how they battle the storm that will be coming to them the next season.


Leicester_City_crest.svgLeicester City as The Foxes

519px-Tottenham_Hotspur.svg.pngTottenham Hotspurs as The Spurs

Chelsea_FC.svgChelsea as The Lions

Manchester_City.svgManchester City as The Eagles

Manchester_United_FC_crest.svgManchester United as The Devils

downloadWest Ham United as The Hammers

Liverpool_FC.svgLiverpool as The Warriors of the Phoenix

arsenal-logoArsenal as The Gunners

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