The blues that created history


“If wishes were horses, beggars would be riding them”- David Sighed. Last year’s season of the English Premier League, we all witnessed history. Football is a team sport and there can’t be a better example than Leicester city football club.

We all loved when Wayne Rooney scored,  every one went bizarre when Sergio Aguero went past the defense in style. But last year when Jamie Vardy had the ball in his control every Premier League fans heart missed a beat. They went against all odds and showed what a wonderful team they are.

We all say never underestimate your opponents. But do we truly believe that?
Leicester City’s odds of winning the league were 5000/1 on last august. Every team was under the impression that a match with Leicester city is easy 3 points. But the lads today have a different story to tell.

Every one loves an underdog when they perform. Before the last season no one wanted Vardy. But this time Wenger did everything he could to get Vardy. Leicester city has yet again proved their loyalty towards their players and despite the undisclosed amount offered for Vardy my gut says there was a huge sum of money on the table.

For example after Bale’s good season, Real Madrid grabbed him. Look at Suarez as well, he had a fantastic season with Liverpool and we all know what happened. Personally, I expected the same for Vardy.
I am happy to have been proved wrong.

The way I see it, Leicester City is a team which wishes to go all the way no matter what. They don’t care where they were and they will start the new season with great confidence. Who knows they might just create history again. Then I can say ” I told you so.”

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