The Anfield Divided

It has not even been a year since Jurgen Klopp arrived at Anfield but he has been around for enough time to create factions among the fans. On one side are the fans who have resigned to accept that nothing better could have happened to Liverpool FC while on the other side are the ones ready to hang him for the misery that might result over the course of this season. However, there are some realistic fans who believe that Liverpool is neither contending for any title nor is in such bad shape so as to call out the manager. But the truth is, if you ask me, the future of this prestigious club is on a far more precarious thread than it might seem.

As we approach the end of the silly season, it appears that Liverpool has hanged its boots for the season, which is definitely something to worry about. Already short on fullbacks and midfielders, the deficit could well extend to centrebacks, going by the rumours. Liverpool would then be left with a senior centreback, whose criticizers overshadow his admirers and along with him two new faces who are yet to make a mark on the team and a youngster that is set to return after a serious injury. With a defense like that, no wonder Liverpool fans are smelling the preparation of disaster. Their defensive cover in the midfield is all but existent which makes them probably one of the worst defense in top tier teams. Liverpool had two and a half months to sort the issue but doesn’t seem like they could manage to do a lot. Coupled by a poor early showing in the season, the hatred towards the manager has grown exponentially.

But, is it right to do so?

At a time where patience and wisdom is rare, buying stars is considered a master stroke than building on the existing potential. Numbered are the managers who take their team to glory without the aid of affluence and Liverpool is helmed by one. But we need to understand that something like that cannot happen overnight. The process is slow but has its reward in the end. Social media, even though is a gift to mankind, has been instrumental in adding to Liverpool’s misery. Love for a player cannot be the reason of hatred towards the manager. The task of a manager is far more difficult that we give credit to the manager for. While a few teams may be enjoying overnight successes, Liverpool has chosen ‘the Liverpool way’ to rebuild itself. The fans seem to have witnessed a lot of rebuilding these past 26 years, but as of now Liverpool seems to be out of choices.

There is another problem though…

The backroom stories put a blur on the future prospects even more so. One would have noticed that Liverpool owners aren’t shy of shelling out cash, however, the policy that they have adopted has raised eyebrows regarding their morals. Takeover bids and sale of shares have simultaneously appeased and panicked the fans. This seems like a good time for the owners to reduce their holding in order to control the damage but at the same time, this is disheartening to fans and every person who hopes for a Liverpool resurrection. A change in authority is like a coin toss from being right. As the news is still in its infancy, Liverpool fans should be ready to face another age of rebuilding until it culminates.

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