Why Premier league deserves the amount of spectators it gets

When you log on to social media and search for, “The best football league in the world”, you find a variety of answers. Some say it is La Liga, while the German football enthusiasts say it is Bundesliga. You will also find supporters of Serie A. However, I want you to check out the responses for the Premier League fans. Yes, go on, do it. You will find thousands of experts behind their computer screens who would have written – ‘No…Premier League is shit’; ‘Premier league is overrated’, etc. Now I am here to burst their little bubbles and tell them that they couldn’t be more wrong.
Well a lot of misconception occurs due to the fact that English teams tend to perform horrendously compared to the teams from the other big four league. When we look at the winners and runners up of the previous five years of Champions league, we can see the following table:


As we compare the above table, we see top tier English teams are weaker than their Spanish and German counterparts. Although they beat their Italian counterparts from time to time.
But, Champion’s league success cannot be the sole criterion for judgement of a league’s importance. Surely, the above information gives us the idea that both Liga BBVA and Bundesliga have their champions which are a bit stronger than English champions. What about diversity? To do that we need the previous 5 years’ champions of the respective leagues:


As we can see, the Italian league has been the playground of Juventus lately while its German counterpart is not much better as Bayern Munich is almost bereft of competition. Spanish on the other hand have three quality teams battling out for the coveted top spot. So, when comparison in diversity at the top tier Premier League is rightly rivaled by La Liga.
Now, we have already established that both Serie A and Bundesliga are just the hunting ground of their respective premier team. So, I am not using those two leagues for our final competition i.e. comparison on the basis of entertainment factor.
When you pit two teams of Premier League against each other, there is a 50-50 chance(70-30 in some cases) that either one them emerge as a winner. While in La liga, the chances are 95-5 (unless Atletico, Real and Barca play against each other). In the Premier League there are 6 teams contending for the title, while almost upper half of the table is fights for the 4 Champions’ League spots. While La Liga boasts of the same participants per year. (Although Liga BBVA earned another spot when Sevilla won the Europa League last year.) The quality difference between the upper mid table team and the top tier team in La Liga is too damn high compared to that of the Premier league teams.
When one wants to watch football, he expects a quality match between two equal sides than a complete drubbing which most of the Premier League matches are capable of producing. The same cannot be said about two teams clashing in La liga. A result between Watford and Manchester United is unpredictable while a result between Barcelona and Valencia is not. Which is why people tune in every week to watch a random Premier League match than one in La Liga.

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