Euro 2016 – This year Maybe!


I am a diehard Ronaldo fan and this article maybe biased.

Euro 2016 is an overdose of football but I love it and what more can one ask for, to see your favorite super stars in action giving their hearts out for their nation. Passion, Emotion, Aggression, Flair, a lot of unwanted violence but that’s football.  Today, we stand at a point where my favorite superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is facing one of the most difficult tasks of qualifying for Euro Quarterfinals but Football is about hope; it’s not over until it’s over. Till the last whistle is blown.

This was supposed to be the year of Ronaldo coming from a spectacular Champions league win and with an easy group to navigate; it was supposed to be the “Ronaldo Show”. But with two draws and a must win game against the table toppers Hungary and Ronaldo firing blanks it seems like an impossible task even if it is Hungary (not being disrespectful but it’s not a power house like Spain or Germany). Portugal has its back against the wall, facing a team high on confidence. Critics have been quick to write off Ronaldo with the Guardian stating Ronaldo is not a world beater anymore. Let’s just remind them “A wounded tiger is a dangerous beast”. You never know what will happen next! I could be in my bed crying on Tuesday night after looking at the score line but I assure you those will be tears of joy.

The best thing about football is you can think you are so right about something and fall face first in the ground at the very next moment. Anyone who plays football knows that sometimes things are not in our control but if you keep your head down and if you keep working hard it’s possible. Germany couldn’t beat Poland and that is the perfect example of determination. The question is at 31, and not getting any younger, was this Ronaldo’s last chance to achieve some International glory. To quote Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths”.

Cristiano Ronaldo has seen it all, his life has been a struggle, but this is different. This could be his last chance to win a Euro but with a team that has been unable to support him. The Portugal coach has just one plan of action – give the ball to Ronaldo. This guy is a legend but not winning a major tournament with his nation will be one of his regrets. The guy had a knee injury and played the World Cup, so yes he loves his nation. Hey it isn’t over yet, there is a game left to be played and it all depends on those 90 minutes. This was supposed to be his year, well the year is not yet over and Ronaldo needs to be spectacular again, he needs to show that class again, he has his fate in his own hands.

There is this study that shows if the team you support is winning, you perform better at work. I totally agree with this, last week I was picking up fights with random people criticizing Portugal’s poor state of affairs on Ronaldo. This is one guy and one guy people love to hate. Well, I just hope he makes them hate him more this week. He just couldn’t score against Austria, anyone can miss a penalty but Ronaldo isn’t anyone. The bad will pass and it is just a matter of time. Tuesday night, the game that in simple words is going to be nothing less than a street fight. A guy fighting for his legacy will he be stopped? Football can be cruel, but will it is be so cruel towards its most hardworking son?

This can still be the year. Portugal can still win, Ronaldo can still win, Maybe!

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