Ballon d’ór – We knew it all along didn’t we!


Did anyone else really stand a chance? Did you really think anyone else made the difference CR7 did?
The best player of the season has been awarded to CR7 and damn right he deserves it! It’s often heard Ronaldo is absent in the big matches. Did you guys not watch the recent Madrid derby at the Vicente Calderon? He scored a hat trick against a team that just doesn’t concede. Let us take a stroll down memory lane, Madrid having lost 2-0 away to Wolfsburg. Second leg of the quarter finals do you remember who stood up and made the difference? Well, CR7 scored a hat trick and all three goals of sheer quality. I distinctly remember the criticism CR7 received for not sharing the free kick taking duties. Do you know what? The goal that took Madrid to the semi-finals was a free kick scored by CR7.
All of us have our views and we have all the right to voice them but the articles posted and the memes published have not been in the right taste. Euro 2016 – Ronaldo is stretchered off the field due to a nasty tackle by Payet. Does that mean for not being able to play 90 mins undermines his entire contribution throughout the tournament. Did you forget the bullet header against Wales in the Semi-finals? The giant leap at 50th minute to break the deadlock.
This year CR7 was not the highest scorer in La liga(Suarez) or the Euros(Griezmann), but well then he was second in both the competitions. Oh, he has been consistently topping the Champions league scoring charts for the past 4 years. I think winning a cup with the National side is one of the biggest achievements. Also, not to forget he doesn’t play for a top notch quality side like Germany or Argentina.
“Your love makes me strong; your hate makes me unstoppable” – CR7. Playing for the biggest club in the footballing world and performing at an exceptional level. He is hated by so many people, the jeers, abuse, constant criticism and this guy just gets above it all. At 31, he is also the second oldest player to win the award (since inception) which speaks volumes about his dedication and hard work.
Let me also put thoughts in perspective, playing the final of the Champions league and the last penalty, the pressure is unimaginable. I play football and miss penalties all the time (being a striker it’s very embarrassing), while playing a normal match amongst friends we tend to avoid taking the penalty if it is a crucial moment cause we know the abuse that we will face from our friends. The heartbeat suddenly shoots up and the cool seems to go out for a walk. Now, imagine someone volunteering to take the last penalty knowing fully well that if he misses he will be subjected to career ending criticism and hostility of the fans. CR7 takes two steps back shifts towards his left and he sends the keeper the wrong way and oh yes he scores, the stadium erupts and there is the man – CR7. Damn right he deserves it!


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2 thoughts on “Ballon d’ór – We knew it all along didn’t we!

  • December 13, 2016 at 23:24

    Superb and well articulated.Keep it up.

  • December 13, 2016 at 22:41

    So true..loved the way you have analyzed it..cheers to Ronaldo and you!


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