About Us

Welcome to the Dungeon of Sports! As per Etymology, the word ‘Dungeon’ has roots which stand for the central pillar in the palace where people assemble to discuss important information.

Sports Dungeon is based on the belief that sports can benefit individuals and the society in more ways than people realise and we hope to play a role in helping people adopt and integrate sports into their daily lives.

We believe that not expressing one’s thoughts and ideas is like missing out on a worldly pleasure. Everyone at Sports Dungeon shares a common love for sports and we show our love by penning it down. Sports Dungeon is an open platform for sports enthusiasts to share their views and engage in discussions on the sport of their choice. Anyone and everyone is free to submit articles to be published on the website. (We don’t judge)

So read what you enjoy and enjoy what you read and don’t forget to contribute.

Sports is our religion!

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